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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 15, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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walking around. that is the kind of dog i had. i will bill o'reilly. the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: the assault on reigning republican kicks in overtime. his two face rivals face off. controversy on capitol hill. >> can anyone in the administration. >> as top officials grilled over the contraception mandate. and shocking internal memo media matters hiring private investigators to track members of the foblgs news family. and putting america's budget
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security at risk according to the secretary of defense. >> half a trillion dollars out of the defense buchblgt. >> sean: but is the president listening to his own cabinet. hannity starts right here right now. >> now that rick santorum is polling in first place. he is the most talked about man on the campaign trail. super pacs like romney future have started signaling out santorum. >> mitt romney helped create thousands of jobs. >> rick santorum is called the ultimate washington insider. >> santorum was in washington to vote to raise the debt limit five times. >> romney turned a deficit into a surplus without raising taxes. >> santorum voted for billions in waste including the bridge to nowhere. >> sean: now, senator santorum is responding with an ad of his own. >> mitt romney's negative attack
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machine is back on full throttle. he is firing at rick santorum at a staggering and attacking fellow republicans. why? because romney is trying to hide from his big government romney care and his support for job killing cap and trade n the end the attack is going to backfire. >> sean: meanwhile, we have a developing story regarding barack obama's campaign manager. jim messina came under fire. now in a piece titled does the g.o.p. care about latino voters. he wrote that chim a chun ga is the only thing left to officer latinos and that is demands of the day. he wrote. fweegt somebody else's words is
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the wrong side. joining me now to respond to this is supporter of the romney campaign. and a gingrich supporter j.c. ee watts. welcome back. >> let me start with you. the calls i am getting, the letters and on twitter a lot of people write. they are upset how tense this has gotten. if you want to use the word intense and personal it's gotten. they worry about the net effect all this going back and forth especially between gingrich and romney and romney and santorum now it's going to hurt the eventual nominee? >> people should be upset and this is tool of the day the super pacs. because i have the the right to
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do those things. it doesn't make them the right thing to do. i'm disappointed. you have seen that everybody has arise tonight top they've had these super pac ads and negative ads, michele bachmann and newt gingrich and now rick santorum and ron paul and only thing they have in common is the fact their last name. it's unfortunate but they are there. >> one the eventual nominees will have to deal with billion dollars of dirty air. it's going to inoculated the nominee in the end and make them stronger or is that not on good argument? >> i do think it it's going to make whatever is being talked about in the primary, you rest assured it would have been talked about in the general, mitt romney, rick santorum or
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michelle back man, newt begin gingrich, it's going to have to be dealt in the general. i think if governor romney is going to be the nominee, i'm trying to make sure he is not, i think it makes him a better candidate but it makes gingrich and rick sawz and ron paul, makes them better candidates based on what they've had to go through as well. >> sean: congressman? >> i think all this barring back and forth gets you ready for the big bout. if you can't take a fellow hit, what is going be like barack obama throwing punches? you want somebody that can take a shot. there is a reason that mitt romney continues to tell us, he has absorbed the shots. they melt under the sunlight and again mitt romney has shown he has the propensity to take a shot and throw a punch and is left standing. >> governor romney has not had
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to take any shots other withstand his record was when he had a chance in massachusetts to impact public policy. i mean that is what people are talking about. that is what republicans are talking about. i think that is the very reason that you've seen after eight or nine different primaries, government romney hadn't connected the tea party voters and evangelical or conservative which will be the ground troops, they will be the boots on the ground that it will take to turn out vote come november. i think that continues to be a pretty serious problem for him. >> i would totally disagree. second most conservative person in the house. i'm hundred percent american conservative indian. i want mitt romney. mitt romney is the one that vetoed 800 bills in massachusetts. he balanced the budget. he cut taxes 19 times.
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there is a reason why he excelled in massachusetts. why he has done well in nevada and florida and won in every single category. you take all the votes of santorum and gingrich and you still don't come close to mitt romney. that the issue request the santorum and gingrich, they are continuing to split the vote and congressman, with all due respect. >> but you a add those together, jason -- >> you add those together and mitt romney the polls that we saw today, i say some today, upper 50s for gingrich and santorum and probably upper 30s for mitt. but the point i want to make is this. congressman, you are so true. they probably can't get to the right of you anymore. it perplexes me you would be supporting somebody $50 abortion
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and raises taxes and fees and it was more than it was it was less. stood against the boy scouts. these are things that i think is causing problems for governor royz with the base of the party. you're going to have to have the base to turn out the vote come november. >> certainly santorum and gingrich can't claim they've been able to energize the base. the person that excelled from florida to new hampshire and to maine has been mitt romney. this is good for our party. it's still middle of february. we will be united. there is no doubt that we will lock arms and go beat barack obama. >> sean: i'll hold you both to that. thank you both for being with us. fascinating debate. which presidential candidate do you think is running the most negative ad campaign. text us now.
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we have the results coming up later this hour. how is it possible one of the president's closest advisors had quote no idea that the president had consulted with catholic leaders before he announced his so-called accommodation and why didn't he check with his own justice department? we've got that and much more liz cheney straight ahead. [ ma announcer ] the cold aisle can overwhelming. [ coughs, sniffs ] especially when you're sick. now, with new simpler packaging, robitussin® makes it simple
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object administration continues the assault on the constitution and religious it will be with regard to the crest mandate. orrin hatch confronted the secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius. her answers provided shocking revelations. >> to you your emergency, february 10th, did anyone in the administration consult with any individual catholic bishop about that so-called compromise to your knowledge? >> i know that the president has spoken to the bishops on several occasions, yes. >> was it about so-called compromise?
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>> i really don't know. >> did you anybody or anybody at hhs analysis of the statutory freedom of religion issues? >> we had our legal department. >> did you ask the justice department? >> i did not, nothing. >> sean: joining me now, monica crowley and executive director of american values institute. good to see you. i don't know what is more shocking. the fact they didn't talk to the bishops or they didn't read the first amendment. >> this is surprising after three years of this administration. >> sean: not really. >> this administration is totally ideological. obamacare they had a year and a half to figure out what they were going to do with regard to this issue, contraception, drugs and catholic institutions, the fact they had all this time, this is purely ideological and accommodation doesn't do anything to elimination the
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moral hazards of this. >> sean: the fact they wouldn't ask their own justice department on a legal opinion on something that would mandate or force institutions to something against their core values. >> this isn't something to ask them to do something against their core values. >> sean: these are catholic hospitals, catholic charities that have catholic values. >> they are in direct support of this mandate. >> sean: one liberal catholic group and all the bishops don't support it. >> there is a huge twitter between catholic leaders and the majority of catholics. >> is it constitutional? in other words, does the government infringe on the rights of catholics or the catholic church and the court teaching santa cruz i'm a catholic, the answer is yes. they go forcing them against their teaching. >> government is picking up the
9:16 pm
costs for the contraception. >> that is who no not what obama said. who is going to hire the health care providers for the catholic church? >> what you are seeing in the mandate is a microcosm of the bigger issue of obamacare. this is not about women's health just as obamacare. this is about government power and control, pure and simple. this. this is actually an argument why we need something closer to the public option. >> more government power. >> now, we're empowering corporations to make decisions. >>. >> sean: free exercise thereof. >> they don't want to cover cancer. >> sean: free exercise of religion. it's going against the core values and core teachings. you can pull out any extreme value you want but it's been essentials for the catholic
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church. >> do you really believe for providing. >> it's been exempt from this mandate. >> sean: no, not the church. not catholic charity charities, who runs them? who supports them? the catholic church. >> not everybody who works for catholic organizations is catholic. we have to find ways --. >> sean: we're going to force the church. >> we're asking the employers to do the job. >> there is no health insurance company that gives anything for free. >> there is no such thing as free. you are talking about tax payer subsidies. the overwhelm idea about this being unconstitutional, i agree with you. i think it treads on the first amendment. but again this is no surprise. obamacare which is the umbrella policy of all of this. that is going before the supreme court. it puts the entire thing and individual mandate is so controversial.
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>> sean: i was watching earlier today and played a segment on the "new york times" best-seller ameritopia and he talks about the era we live in now. he is arguing that kathleen sebelius by not going to the justice department, not looking at the constitution by basically shredding it in this case, it could be in an area. >> the book is fans and i think he is right and we're living in this period that is post-constitutional. people take a look the constitution and it's just a bunch of suggestions rather than the law of the land. kathleen sebelius, mark may be right. remember that every cabinet member including kathleen sebelius acts as the pleasure of the president. >> but he made it before bishop dolan. >> do you think it's okay. >> i think they are pushing the church.
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>> sean: it's an opportunity for the church to change the mandate. >> and also protect women's health. >> sean: so protecting women's health is more important than freedom of religion? >> yes. >> sean: even they though they are going against the values? >> 91% of women have relied on contraception. >> sean: what about the church's right to freedom to practice as they choose? >> it is the point because we're empowering talking about the government doing it. government has no business in any of this. this is not in the constitution. this is so far out. >> sean: we think we're better than the catholic church and we're in touch with it and we're going to force you the role of government is force women to change. >> i said the roam of government is enforce the will of the
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people and great majority. >> and will of the people, we're a democratic republic. if the will of the people would support mob rule. >> what i support is the government supporting protecting women's rights. >> sean: whatever the world of people and people are wrong. >> i think when the balance is favor creating access and opportunity. >> sean: you think you don't care what the catholics and bishops to think. >> it's a compromise. >> sean: its mandate to them. >> the language we heard from the white house chief of staff, jack lew he kept calling contraception a right. it is not a right. >> sean: good to see you both. memos inside media matters left wing group to hire private investigators to follow people like me and employees of this network. how often did they connect with the white house and how are they
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>> sean: finally tonight media matters has been exposed by the daily caller and it's none other than the fox news channel. one memo in 2009 reads simply
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put the progressive movement is in need of the enemy. george w.but shall is gone. john mccain we don't can't kick around -- >> sean: same memo suggested it would be good idea of opposition research on the people that works at this network. >> now congress is planning to question the group tax exempt status. joining me now with reaction, sandra smith and co-host of the five, she deals with beckel five days a week, andrea, an undying admiration. before we get to the tactics of
9:26 pm
trying to smear and destroy people's lives. the collaboration that they talk about on weekly basis with the white house means this is a political operation. this is not a 501 c-3. this sounds like a political organization and encloses collaboration with the white house. >> designed to smear and conduct sabotage and guerrilla warfare. this isn't charitable or educational about media matters. just because they are labeled a charity doesn't mean they are doing good work. their sole existence of media matters is to take out a for profit company that is news corp. >> the reason they want to take out they don't want opposition speech. they don't want alternative voices heard in the media. as strange as it sounds, if they are collaborating with the white
9:27 pm
house they are not tax expect that would be a violation of law. if they have an enemies list does it mean the white house has an enemies' list? >> you could connect those dots. >> sean: my name was on the list? >> that is political agenda. this is tax exempt organization. once we see proven these letters there is political agenda. sure they should be scrutinizing by congress. they called for it. this must happen. if anything, just the numbers prove the whole thing. you are talking about $14.6 million they raked in under the obama administration. okay? we're talking about half of them coming hatch that dollar amount coming from 21 donors, two of which donated over million dollars and that is anonymous. >> sean: holding people accountable and hire people to
9:28 pm
monitor every word that is uttered on talk radio by conservatives and any conservative voice. we have plenty of liberal voices and ignore those, interesting. so the fact they do that, i guess that is fair game. >> that is their mission. that is okay. but you can't get tax exempt free status for doing that. >> clearly showing that is what they are trying to do now. >> they are training an army of democratic pundits that arguably they are putting on campaigns and which also a violation. >> sean: follow us in our private lives in heogs hopes of taking out people. this is an enemies' list, to hurt people because you disagree with them. one other issue, one of the things we learned in all this, nbc cable news operation is claiming that they write the scripted for them every single night.
9:29 pm
not only that, but it's also the l.a. times, the "new york times," the "washington post", columns and eugene robinson. they are taking this left wing propaganda fed to them i assume by the white house and it runs as news. runs the whole nbc news organization. >> i got a lot of flack that members of the liberal media, they don't do the research. we're not surprised that the mainstream media is listening to them but fact they can be coordinate weigh the white house is really, that is unbelievable. >> sean: funny thing they fox news sets the agenda for the rest of the media. >> we have the most viewers. >> sean: they are little jealous out that. >> bigger picture they are targeting fox news not the broader conservative media. they are solely targeted on fox.
9:30 pm
>> sean: also conservative radio after me and rush. >> you see both sides of the story. you get fair and balanced but they don't like fair balanced. they have to silence any kind of opposing argument. >> sean: how does nbc get out of this from the point of view -- the next installment, the next installment they are going to show you examples. media matters wrote wrote this. >> and these are organizations that are asking for tax royalties to be taken away from the big oil companies. two economies, demonizing the businesses that are trying to make a profit. >> than the other economy like media matters, tax exempt status they are using this edge you i would say to take out a for profit corporations. >> unbelievable.
9:31 pm
>> sean: it's actually scary, if you go to the white house, the interaction on the weekly basis and filtering of the media, it reminds me of propaganda campaign to destroy people. >> the politics of personal, real personal destruction because they don't want other voices, that is frightening. good to see you. coming up, it was all caught on tape. stunning admission from the secretary of defense about the serious risks if president obama's budget cuts are approved. liz cheney is here to react in this incredible video next. [ male announcer ] this is lois.
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>> announcer: crestor is not right for everyone. like people with liver disease or women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. simple blood tests will check for liver problems. tell your doctor about other medicines you're taking or if you have muscle pain or weakness. that could be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. >> is your cholesterol where your doctor wants? ask your doctor if crestor is right for you. >> announcer: if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. >> sean: top member of the obama administration made stunning comments about our national security. leon panetta toll the senate panel if the president gets his way and drastic cuts or made to
9:36 pm
the pentagon's budget, america will be at risk. let's take a look. >> let me be clear: you can't take a half trillion dollars out of the defense budget and not incur additional risk. we believe they are acceptable risks but there are risks and very frankly when you go through this, there is no margin for error. >> sean: joining me is fox news contributor, great job last night. i had no voice. every time i lose my voice, you are in. [ laughter ] >> sean: i sound like a seal every once in a while. >> on valentine's day. >> sean: acceptable risk but no margin of error, iran, middle east, north africa, where do i stop. >> it seems increasingly clear, the president is actually
9:37 pm
determined to leaf had this country weaker after he leaves office. he is pulling himself out of the middle east. he is slashing the defense budget. it's the first time in history we have a president making these kinds of cuts. >> sean: it's all to pay for social engineering and redistribution of the wealth and overspending $5-6 trillion. >> i think it's giving him too much credit. the kind of cuts he is making to the defense budget is not going to make a dent in the budget. i think he believes back in 2009 that america needs to be one of many powers in the world. we're seeing him take it down to the path. >> at the price of gallon of gasoline, almost doubling, he has shown an unwillingness to drill anywhere in the country. we find our reserves much
9:38 pm
greater than we dreamed of. we have iran seeking nukes, strait of hormuz. threatening the free flow of oil. keystone pipeline. one thing with the economy but with one threat, how does he view this as a time to cut back and to cut our nuclear arsenal. >> now we learn he is going cutting it 80%. take us down to three nuclear weapons. when you look at the nuclear strategic arsenal we got, our enemies to have know if they are contemplating a strike on the united states we've got sufficient forces to survive and to return that strike. when we get down to the levels of 300, is it going to do away with the sea based weapons. what is he going to do the nuclear triad. >> sean: i always said 'president is on overhead.
9:39 pm
iranian, venezuela, they are not a threat. >> there is a huge naivete. he said back in 2009 we need to cut our nuclear arsenal because we can convince iran and north korea to cut theirs. he truly is over his head. to be making cuts so deep, his own secretary of defense talking about the risk we're incurring, we need a new president. >> sean: i think there is no option based on the time frame that leon panetta and soviet union has mentioned that iran is that close to getting a nuclear weapon. the logical thing to do was join israel take out those sites which is going to be extraordinarily differ based on the proximity and location and spread throughout the country and dug deep into the ground. >> very difficult. but the important thing to remember, all the risks taking
9:40 pm
military action to take out that nuclear program are outweighed by an iran armed with a nuclear weapon with nuclear blackmail. >> sean: we have the worst relationship with israel i can't even think back. >> we're doing the wrong thing. we're separating ourselves from israel. sending a message we don't want the israelis to take action. israelis is going to take action. >> sean: why would we give $800 million to the new government of egypt when we're dealing with the muslim brotherhood that has aligned themselves with more radical islamists. at the very moment of trying to push the military out of power? >> it's a very tough issue. if you look at pakistan, when we cut our military relationship with the pakistani army, it did real damage. it's important to have military to military relations, that is why you've seen resistance to
9:41 pm
cut military aid but when they are holding americans, and then you've got on the muslim brotherhood threatening us if you don't continue the aid, the egyptian government has to understand we are democracy here. the united states congress is not going to stand by on lot of things. >> sean: do you view the rise of islamists and north africa and middle east, is directly related to president's arrogance and without mention ago war on terror? >> he clearly came into office and said some things that were beyond the pale in terms of comparing for example the way the israelis handle the palestinians to the holocaust. i think he has backed off some of that rhetoric. i don't think you can blame him for the rise of radical islam
9:42 pm
throughout the middle east. you can blame him for having no strategies to deal with it. >> sean: they are connected in the sense he doesn't seem to understand his unwillingness to use the term war on terror? >> exactly. has no understanding that america has got to be seen as the strongest nation in the world and most dependable nation in the world. our enemies have to know they better know they can't cross us. seems to have reverse that calculation at precisely the moment we need a strong america. >> sean: very well said and thank you for hosting. it's right over there. that person right there. very good. s in my teens. i'd never ride without one now. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol.
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advisor to george mcgovernor's campaign, he is here. columnist with daily caller. he is the president of penn financial group, author of the next great bull market. business expert matt mccall is back. everyone in the last basically assumes that barack obama is going to roll into the white house is going to be an avalanche of cascade of questions he is going to answer. the greatest evidence i think she in trouble is the left is becoming unhinged. >> we've got to take back the house. i saw pictures of boehner and cantor on our screen. don't ever let me see again in life. [ laughter ] >> those republicans in our halls on our stream talking
9:48 pm
about anything. these are demons. [ applause ] these are legislators who are destroying this country. >> sean: demons? >> you know what there are people that are unhappy. there was an article just today which i just got sent to me about this huge money person in san francisco. they are angry about keystone the opposite way most people are. his numbers are going up because the republicans have no narrative. they have no way of challenging him. >> sean: the waterfall, pat, i promise you i am going to push the wall over the falls. >> i am telling you you keep people for someone to do this. it's way too late. >> i'm willing to say you have him on the catholic church on the whole thing, catholic thing,
9:49 pm
but it's about healthcare. they don't know how to pivot the health care. >> they have keystone, we have the church issue with the shredding of the constitution, a horrible economy, bad decisions on foreign policy? >> exactly. now, they don't have the college students. people kids working for them. there is no enthusiasm. kids are in debt. they are graduating from college. >> sean: no jobs? >> no jobs. he promised these people these things. they worked their butts to get him in office and nothing in return. >> sean: i got a call today, colleges are willing for people to come in and speak about capitalism. what a change from three years ago when. now, they want to learn how to make money, there is no jobs available out there. why would you vote for a president in the last three years not creating jobs. >> sean: think manufacturing these numbers. phony accounting. gallon up came out. real unemployment is 9%, under
9:50 pm
employment were 20 something. >> something with the numbers, i don't how a quarter of million people. >> sean: they are fixing the books. >> they change the numbers. they keep changing. there is a problem. this is re-election politics and republicans are destroying themselves. >> sean: democrats don't forget. bill clinton was claiming barack obama played the race card. they planned on playing the race card. this played out to what? april, may, june, 2008, same thing all over again. are you michelle? >> i'm sorry. >> they don't know how to build the big issue, like the gas thing. you listen to somebody and they don't know how to take keystone.
9:51 pm
take keystone. >> they are not using it. >> you tie it to the middle east and just like i heard trump did on your show how he attacked with the gas prices tied to it the middle east. >> we've got literally so much material built up obama and his own words, i think it was fox news sunday this weekend, i'm going to cut the deficit in half. there is a ton of material. while the republicans are debating, obama gets a pass. hang on. so obama gets his pass but he is going to have to face, i think it's going to be day in and day out. >> the think is all the candidates are attacking each other instead of attacking obama's record, talking about solyndra and eric holder and
9:52 pm
fast and furious. they are attacking each over. >> why isn't it happening, simultaneously while they are trying to pick a candidate? it's ridiculous. george bush opposition were carried against bush while the democrats were looking for a nominee. >> but we didn't have a president with this bad a record. >> so there is no one candidate that everybody is really excited about. >> the numbers are there. the unemployment, it's actually getting better. >> sean: we are going to come back right here. what's the matter? >> i'm happy. >> more of the great, great
9:53 pm
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>> sean: before we continue with our great, great american panel. time to reveal our poll. which candidate is running the most negative campaign. the results are on the screen. governor romney will be on
9:57 pm
tomorrow night. do you agree with that? >> i don't agree. i thought newt would be above romney. he made a couple. >> i agree. >> he was carpet bombing. >> who attacked gingrich in iowa? not necessarily the campaigns, it's the super pacs. >> things are now out of control. >> sean: daily caller has done an incredible job they want to take out the fox news channel. they hired private investigators for anyone they can smear and collaborating with the white house and feeding this information to the media that runs with it. what are your thoughts? >> i think they should lose that i can 501 status for doing this.
9:58 pm
white house is using them as a propaganda man. representatives from white house and media matters and liberal organizations, and they strategize. i don't think that is 3501 organization. they are not a nonprofit. they are hiring trackers who are going to events at fox news staffers and contributors and to try to discredit people. >> sean: they want to is a silent opposition voices. >> exactly. >> they want to align groups they can fund and support. they want to go attack the advertise can base when they can and they want to end opposition in this country. what does it tell you about, first of all.... >> george soros finances this. here is the problem, what you are saying, you silent dissent. david block years ago when i was
9:59 pm
on another network, after he switched from extreme right wing and left wing in one day. you know leopards don't change their spots. he was liar then, he is liar now. character is a character. but he is going after people like us, but me, you want to come after me. this is really ticks me off. >> sean: they can go after me. you are a big guy and lots of money. >> called me altar boy inside the green room. >> it's tied with big government. >> sean: start right there. you tell me look at the numbers. >> they dropped 63%. so probably the people that were going to their website is going to ours. that is news.


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